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Motorcycle Tires Safety and Facts

We at Cedar Rapids Tire hope this motorcycle tire information will assist you in a safer motorcycle riding season, as well as, help you choose the correct motorcycle tires for your ride. Cedar Rapids Tire stocks a huge selection of motorcycle tires at discount prices for most motorcycle models and types including High Performance Street and Race, Sport Touring, Cruiser, Touring, Dual Sport, and Off Road motorcycle tire applications. We have original equipment replacement brands for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW, Triumph, Polaris, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and more replacement brands such as Dunlop motorcycle tires, Bridgestone, Metzeler, Avon motorcycle tires, Continental, Michelin, and Pirelli motorcycle tires. We also offer after market replacement brands from Shinko, Kenda, IRC, Full Bore, Cheng Shin, Maxxis and other motorcycle tires. If you see a tire we don't list please let us know. If you're not sure which motorcycle tires to choose, please call one of our knowledgeable and professional sales staff and you can be assured of getting the right information and product in a quick, timely fashion on motorcycle, scooter, moped, ATV, lawn & garden, industrial, and trailer tires. Cedar Rapids Tire has been servicing the US with motorcycle tires, ATV tires, and specialty tires for over 15 years and we look forward to serving all your tire needs!

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The following information is offered to assist you in choosing the correct tires for your motorcycling needs, plus provide you with updated service and maintenance advice necessary for your safety.


New motorcycle tires are usually coated with a waxy type film from mold release in the curing process therefore it is advisable that the new tire should not be subject to maximum power or hard cornering until a reasonable "RunIn" distance has been obtained. The average Run-In distance for most motorcycle tires is approximately 100 miles.


When selecting new motorcycle tires be sure they meet your motorcycle manufacturer requirements and expected usage. Never mix radial and bias motorcycle tire constructions unless authorized by the Tire or Vehicle manufacturer. In addition to not mixing different types of motorcycle tires, do not use radial tires on bikes that are not designed for radial use.

When increasing motorcycle tire size and/or rim width, rotate wheel and inspect closely for clearance. Some new tires may grow as much as 6-7% larger within the first 3,000 miles. Correct rim width is critical for proper handling and stability. Wrong fitment of radial motorcycle tires may adversely affect handing and stability and can cause an accident, serious injury or death. Correct motorcycle tire matching of front and rear tires is important to obtain optimum performance, however mixing tires of same construction and different brands are acceptable in most cases. Mount only motorcycle tires marked front on front wheels and rear on rear wheels. A new front tire with a worn rear tire can cause instability.


Never exceed your motorcycle tires maximum load or that of your motorcycle. Load Capacities are found in your motorcycle owner's manual. You must determine the total weight of the luggage, equipment, accessories, and rider to be added to the motorcycle.

Motorcycle trailers are often the cause of instability, exaggerated motorcycle tire stress, and overload. Most motorcycle tire manufacturers do not warranty tires on motorcycles that pull trailers. If you pull a trailer, please practice extreme caution and consider this while purchasing your motorcycle tires.


Always replace new tubes in new motorcycle tires, only where tubes are required. Old tubes are stretched and are unsafe in new motorcycle tires. Motorcycle tires marked tubeless must have tubes fitted where tube type rims are used. Motorcycle tires with non-reparable damage must not be used again. Never use a tube to repair a tire. Safe repairs may be obtained for simple nail hole punctures in the tread area. We do not recommend the use of liquid sealants, they are a temporary repair, which may affect ply material, and mask secondary damage caused by penetrating object and could result in sudden tire failure. Let us know your specific situation and one of our representatives will guide you to the right product that fits your individual needs.


Checking your motorcycle tire's air pressure is the most important motorcycle tire maintenance element you will perform. Under inflated motorcycle tires can cause unstable cornering, tire overheating, irregular tire wear, fatigue cracking, and eventual failure of the tire. Over inflation does not increase load carrying capacity, but will result in a hard ride and premature tire wear. Always check your air pressure before you ride with cold tires and use a quality air pressure gauge to aid your adjustments. Never adjust air pressure below vehicle manufacturer's specifications nor exceed the tire manufacturers' maximum. Tire and Wheel inspection should be performed frequently. We suggest every time air pressure is checked, look for cracks, bends and worst of all broken spokes. Any of these problems should be taken care of immediately to avoid excessive tire wear and sudden loss of air. Not all cast wheels are suitable for tubeless application. Mount tubeless motorcycle tires only on wheels approved by the manufacturer and this will help to prolong the life of your motorcycle and its tires.


It is very important to have your new wheel and motorcycle tire assembly balanced before reinstallation on your bike. Unbalanced motorcycle tires will vibrate and greatly accelerate tire wear. We do not recommend the use of liquid balancers; only external weights or non liquid internal balancing methods should be used. Only specially trained persons should mount motorcycle tires on wheels. Improper mounting can cause tire explosion and serious injury or death.

Ride Safe and Enjoy The Open Road!

As you can see, Cedar Rapids Tire is here to serve your motorcycle tire needs. We're motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves and we want to create a relationship of trust and good information when you're shopping for all types of motorcycle tires. This can be your one-stop shop for all your motorcycle tire needs and we look forward to serving you in a friendly and professional manner.

Call or Email our CRT Team with any additional questions and look for this Motorcycle Tire Facts and Safety Area to be updated as we continue to enhance our services and work to provide our customers the most current and helpful motorcycle tire information.