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ATV Tire Safety and Facts

With All Terrain Vehicles now being used not only for fun, but also to work more efficiently, this information is to assist you in choosing the correct ATV tires. Cedar Rapids Tire is committed to providing you with the tire information you need, top quality service, and tire maintenance advice necessary for your safety and to fulfill all your ATV tire needs.


Choosing the right ATV tires for your Four-Wheeler can be a burdensome task with all the different brands, ply ratings, and tire types available. Making a choice on ATV tires doesn't have to be difficult. In reality, the OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) tires that came on your ATV normally will do just fine for the majority of ATV owners. However most factory ATV tires are built for comfort and a smooth ride to complement the ATV machine they were built for. So in general, OEM ATV tires have a tendency to have a thinner, softer carcass, making them more susceptible to punctures than several of the more popular after-market ATV tire replacements.

Before choosing to replace your worn out OEM ATV tires or if you're just looking to upgrade to new ATV tires, you need to consider what type of service you intend on putting your ATV through and what terrain types you'll be riding in most often. There are four basic ATV tire groups: Sport/Race, All Terrain, Utility, and Extreme Mud. Each category of ATV tires are detailed below.

Sport and Race ATV Tires come in 8", 9", &smp; 10" rim diameters and from 18"-21" tall in 2-6 ply ratings and vary from rider to rider and quad set-up and track conditions. Sport riders normally know what they need or want and should consider an extra set of mounted ATV tires to different ATV wheels for various track conditions. These ATV tires are obviously built for speed and often have less deep treading made for increased traction or hardcore mudding.

All Terrain ATV Tires are what your original equipment tires usually are and they do well in a variety of terrains with a more comfortable ride. These All Terrain ATV tires range from 8"-12" diameter wheels and 22"-25" tall tires and 2-6 ply ratings, depending on what your ATV will accept in tire sizes. If you're looking to enjoy and use your All Terrain Vehicle in average or non-extreme conditions, this type of all terrain ATV tire should work very well for you.

Utility ATV Tires are the most popular segment and come in a wide range of tread designs, but most often in a more aggressive 4x4 mud traction tread designed for hard work. They come in 11", 12", 14" & now 15" rim diameters, 25"-30" heights with a 6-8 ply rating. These ATV tires are prone to give your ATV a little harsher ride and harder steering at slow speeds but there are several lines of radial construction versus the bias construction that have improved this problem. As you may imagine, Radial ATV tires come with a greater price tag, but can give you the versatility that you're looking for when using your ATV for utility purposes.

Extreme Mud ATV Tires are for the serious off-roader that hits every mud hole they can find. Extreme Mud tires are also intended for an ATV built to handle these aggressive, extra deep treads. If you purchase these aggressive ATV tires, you will also want to stay off the hard packed dirt and blacktop, because these tires will make you feel like your riding on a washboard. Remember, you sacrifice ride and comfort for looks and traction with these aggressive mud ATV tires. These tires come in the same sizes as the utilities, but offer deeper and more aggressive tread designs. Most utility and 4x4 ATV's are built stock with 25" tall ATV tires from the factory and can be upgraded to taller tires in most cases. However, you need to measure first, because clearance problems can arise on some ATV's. Increasing to 26" is not a problem. 27" ATV tires will work most of the time, but 28" and up will probably require a lift kit or at the bare minimum custom fender cutting modifications. There are also some really sweet Wheel & Tire Kits available for most ATV machines with offsets different from OEM to help accommodate the larger tires.

As you can see, we at Cedar Rapids Tire, are dedicated to informing our customers about all the ATV tires available. Our service department is committed and prepared to help you make the correct purchase when you're in need of new ATV tires. Feel free to bring any additional ATV tire questions to the attention of our staff when you call Cedar Rapids Tire.


So you have the perfect tires for your ATV, but now it's time to make the transition and get these new tires mounted. Only specially trained individuals should mount ATV tires on wheels. Improper mounting of your ATV tires can cause bad alignment, tire explosion, and even serious injury or death! This means it's important to have your ATV tires mounted correctly.

We at Cedar Rapids Tire hope this ATV information has been informative and will assist you in a safer ATV riding experience. With such a variety of tires that Cedar Rapids Tire offers, we also hope this information helps you choose the correct ATV tires for your application. Cedar Rapids Tire stocks a huge selection of ATV tires at discount prices for most ATV models and types including High Performance Race, Sport, All Terrain, Utility, and Extreme Mud tire applications. We have original equipment replacement brands for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW, Polaris, and more such as Dunlop ATV tires, Goodyear, Carlisle ATV tires, Maxxis, and Pirelli. We also offer after market replacement ATV tires, such as brands from ITP, GBC, Titan, Kenda, Duro, Nankang, Super Grip, Innova, Achieva, Cheng Shin, and much more. If you see a tire we don't list, please let us know, as we're committed to serving all of your tire needs. If you're not sure which ATV tires to choose, please call one of our knowledgeable sales staff and you can be assured of getting the correct information and your new ATV tires in a timely fashion!

Cedar Rapids Tire has been servicing the United States with motorcycle tires, ATV tires, and specialty tires for over 15 years. Please call us at 1-800-467-7325, should you have any questions, and we'll look forward to working with you for all your tire needs.

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