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ATV Accessories and Information

The All-Terrain Vehicle, or better known as the ATV or Quad market, has become the nation’s fastest growing segment of the power sports industry. Due to this market’s growth, ATV accessories have also substantially increased in popularity. ATV accessories enable you do almost anything with these awesome machines and Cedar Rapids Tire wants to help you make it happen!

Cross an ATV with a pickup truck and now you get the latest and greatest UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle). Although they are most commonly known as UTV’s they are also referred to as SxS (Side-by-Side Vehicles), RUV (Recreational Utility Vehicles), or even MUV (Multi-Use Vehicles). These machines are often called Side-by-Side Vehicles because a driver and a passenger sit side-by-side in the vehicle. These machines started out as purely work based vehicles, but quickly found a place in many garages as a sport and utility vehicle. As their popularity has grown alongside the ATV market, the need for UTV accessories has also grown. Similar to offering a wide selection of ATV accessories, Cedar Rapids Tire is excited to help you customize your Utility Terrain Vehicle.

ATV & UTV Categorization

ATV and UTV vehicles fall in four basic categories: Sport, General Purpose, Utility, and Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles (AATVs). Each category of machine has unique traits that make it better for certain situations than others. Cedar Rapids Tire offers thousands of ATV accessories and tires for each category and our friendly sales staff is willing to help you get the right accessories and tires to fit your specific needs.

Sport Model ATVs or UTVs are usually lightweight, smaller, two-wheel drive quads that can accelerate quickly to speeds of up to 70 miles per hour without any modifications from factory settings. With after-market ATV accessories installed, this Sport Model category of machine can be modified to travel speeds over 100 miles per hour! By adding additional ATV accessories, such as an advanced after-market racing suspension, you can glide over the roughest terrain at these high speeds. After these types of modifications, these sport quads are often used in various racing situations such as motocross, woods, desert, drag racing, speedway, and Tourist Trophy races. If you choose to modify your vehicleby adding ATV or UTV accessories, please check your machine’s warranty details to ensure adding parts won’t modify or affect the warranty in any way. Please also ensure that when riding your ATV or UTV, that you choose the proper ATV safety equipment, such as helmets and riding gear.

General Purpose Vehicles are the more user-friendly machines that attract a much larger range of riders, looking for versatility daily usability, and a moderately priced ATV or UTV. General Purpose ATVs and UTVs are available in 2 and 4 wheel drive models that can often be converted to the sport or utility types with after-market ATV accessories. If this is your objective, be sure to ask a Cedar Rapids Tire representative about making the machine match your specifications, as well as, the accessories that you’ll need to make these modification happen smoothly and safely.

Utility Vehicle Models are larger vehicles with four-wheel drive trains and stronger suspensions that are largely used by construction workers, hunters, farmers, and ranchers. Utility ATVs and UTVs are used for various tasks like hauling small loads, plowing snow, or towing small trailers. They have become the industry leader due to so many different types of ATV accessories available. These Utility Vehicle Models can go from a monster mud machine to a work horse pulling agricultural equipment; or from an emergency off road vehicle to a tricked-out street ride with automotive wheels and tires, just by adding various ATV tires and accessories! Obviously, we understand the allure that this category of ATV and UTV has and why they have become so popular. This is why we stock all the latest gear, gadgets, and ATV accessories on the market!

Finally, the six and eight-wheeled AATVs (Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles).These unique vehicles are also available for specialized uses, with certainly the most popularity being in the hunting community. ATV accessories are also available for these machines. Koplin, Ducks Unlimited, Quadboss, and other popular hunting ATV accessories will help any hunter “bag and drag” their game back to camp!

Brands We Trust

Popular manufacturers of each category of ATVs and UTVs are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Polaris, Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Cannondale, KTM, E-Ton, Gas Gas, John Deere, Kubota, Argo, Hoot, and about three dozen more Asian models.

Cedar Rapids Tire promotes and stocks a huge selection of the best ATV and UTV accessory products on the market today. Cedar Rapids Tire is the authority for these ATV accessories such as wheels, tires, lift kits, winches, snow plows, and hunting accessories. Warmth accessories such as hand mitts, heated grips, windshields, and cabs; also right here at Cedar Rapids Tire! Performance accessories, such as pipes, air filters, mod quads, chains, sprockets, axle shafts; you guessed it, available right here at Cedar Rapids Tire!

UTV accessories such as tops, racks, doors, windshields, fenders and replacement plastic parts are also available right here! We also have ATV accessories for Sport ATV’s such as nerf bars, armor for axles, and swing arms. Also in an effort to help you keep your ATV running well, we sell fuel injected control units, carburetor kits, oil filters, pistons, gaskets, brakes, exhaust systems and much more! Cedar Rapids Tire wants to ensure that your ATV and UTV keeps running the way the manufacturer intended…or better!

THANK YOU for your interest in our company! We hope this information has been helpful as you look to maximize your vehicle’s performance and remember that Cedar Rapids Tire offers one of the largest selections on competitively priced ATV and UTV parts and accessories.

We plan to continuously add new ATV accessories to our website, so check back often. As always, if you are looking for an item that isn’t currently listed, please contact us at 1-800-467-7325. Our customers are extremely important to us and we work hard to provide superior service every single day! Cedar Rapids Tire has been servicing the U.S. with motorcycle tires, ATV tires, specialty tires, and accessories for over 15 years and we look forward to serving any of your ATV accessory needs.

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