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Scorpion EXO-200 Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

An open face motorcycle helmet provides protection for the skull, ears, and the side of the face. Maniacs love open face motorcycle helmets because they allow greater airflow, while still providing excellent protection in the event of a crash.

Many open face motorcycle helmet manufacturers offer visors of varying length which can be used to reduce sunlight glare. Something to keep in mind however is that bugs, dust or even wind to the face and eyes may cause discomfort while riding. As a result, some riders (and in some states, is required by law) for motorcycle riders to wear wrap around sunglasses or goggles to aid in eye protection. As an alternative, many open face motorcycle helmets, can be fitted with a face shield extending over the upper portion of the face to protect the eyes.

Open face motorcycle helmet safety standards are the same as previously discussed on this site. In order to be legally sold in the U.S., all motorcycle helmets at a minimum are DOT approved. Once again in most cases the description on our site designate the safety standard that each particular open face motorcycle helmet has achieved.

Color schemes and graphics are plentiful in this category as well! Find the right fit first, than focus on look. As always, Motorcycle Helmet Maniac has a no hassle open face motorcycle helmet return policy, so shop with confidence!

Streets, tracks and trails beware... there's a Motorcycle Helmet Maniac headed your way!