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Z1R Nomad Marauder Half Motorcycle Helmets

The half motorcycle helmet is also known as a "shorty" and has the same front design as an open face helmet with a raised rear. The half helmet provides the minimum coverage generally allowed by law in the U.S.

Cruiser Maniacs find half motorcycle helmets the most appealing for their type of riding. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to select this type of helmet is eye protection. It's never wise to cruise without eye protection, especially if you own a one of these half helmets. If your motorcycle doesn't have a full faring, you will definitely need to protect your eyes with a face shield, wrap-around sunglasses, or motorcycle goggles. UV treated goggles are available or you can improve the safety of a half helmet with a snap on face shield.

Colors and graphics are again plentiful in the motorcycle half helmet category. If you want skull and cross bones, flames, neon orange or just about any paint scheme or graphic, almost all half helmet manufacturers will provide the look you are seeking!

As always, Motorcycle Helmet Maniac has a no hassle return policy, so shop with confidence!

Streets, tracks and trails beware... there's a Motorcycle Helmet Maniac headed your way!